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Let’s face it, buying and selling a home has changed dramatically in our present economy. Even though I’ve helped hundreds of buyers and sellers for over 10 years in the Austin and Lake Travis area, I haven’t seen a real estate market this tough since the 1980’s. Many wonderful houses listed with very conscientious, traditional real estate agents are sitting on the market unsold for over 6 months. Why is that? Most buyers can no longer qualify for mortgage loans! There are approximately 115 million households in the US, but over 80 million people cannot get a mortgage loan – even if they did want to buy a house. Sellers want to sell, and buyers want to buy, but lenders don’t want to lend.

That reality has created a major shift in the real estate market. One that requires NON-TRADITIONAL solutions to help sellers sell and buyers buy. Traditional real estate agents can no longer get homes sold even though it’s the ideal time for anyone to buy a home in the Austin area.

You need unique, creative solutions today! Learn about ALL your options right here on this web site. I’m here to help.

Dianne Bartlett Austin Lake Travis Real Estate Agent
Dianne Bartlett